I made the FAMOUS RAMEN BURGER, here is how to make it!

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Today I made the famous and most popular burger on Instagram, THE RAMEN BURGER! After seeing on my instagram feed I feel in love with it and wonder how good it would taste. I made several tests on how to make it and I am finally able to share with you how it is done.
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  1. Babish Culinary Universe

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    Tiny whisk how could you do this to me?! He doesn't love you like I do!!

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    Could it be... tiny whisk has a twin brother?

  7. greg maurer

    greg maurer6 ימים לפני

    If you first break the ramen before cooking and then crush crackers down to nearly a powder, you can mix the crushed crackers with the cooked Ramen and it will stick together and mold easily into any form you want.

  8. Matthew Hall

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    Trump is supportive of this you libtards

  9. Matthew Hall

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    Stop being gay and support Trump

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    "okay I'm going again..." nomnomnom

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    "I'm using my tiny whisk, you know where that comes from". Cheers for a Babish reference!

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    Sounds like boruto and naruto making a son of themselves combined

  13. Ray Sattler

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    I would use heat proof plastic foil which is suitable for high temperatures, or else the plastic softeners could go into the food.

  14. Larry Kuzmin

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    Really don't like your nephew, always complaints about something. You're making a show about trying to place your nephew. I mean really you have to beg and beg for him to come on the show.., yes... F*** that little douchebag

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    It took me a while to click this video just because of the title.

  17. NØ VΛ

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    Dry age a steak in salt crust its traditional islandic way 😁 but u have to bury it in the ground too!

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    I love the way he said Kecap Manis XD Sounds like Mayonnaise

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    Can you make rice burgers!??

  21. Mookie Black

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    I've made this before and it was bomb but I added the chicken seasoning to the egg that was used to bind the noodles awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    You should make a second channel with only bloopers.

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    had me when he said it tastes like ramen with a burger

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    I’ve never been a ramen fan period, even less of a fan of instant noodles. Try fresh fried Chinese noodles if you feel like it Guga, they’re in a class of their own. If you can get fresh ones, just blanche them and toast them like you did your “ramen”.

  25. Dennis Bautembach

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    sear first and then cook, or cook first, then sear?

  26. Yuzl1h

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    hmmm ketjap manis

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    Try the Krispy Kreme donut hamburger

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    the ramen was perfectly medium rare

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    9:45 😏

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    Lotteria in Seoul make that with Bulgogi, it s insanely good !

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    Guga what is your ethnicity?

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    Well. I'm not sure its famous. Mostly it's silly and nasty, but you are a fat guy who will eat anything and do anything to get some attention. Maybe make the famous candy bar bun burger?

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    Yes, but actually no.

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    When is Guga opening his restaurant?

  43. Pak Aput Guru Prakarya

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    Kecap Manis is Indonesian way to call Sweet Condensed Soya Sauce. While Kecap Asin is the Soya Sauce (salted).

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    Who's willing to bet that the ones from /ck/ are triggered from this video.

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    you dont know how i love went you cook those goody meat it look so good

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    Hek 293- aka human embryonic kidneys. Have been put in all processed foods since 1973. Sorry, but ramin is processed. Dont know for sure about ramin but you could research it for yourself.

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    kinda like ramen omelette.

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    It's not ramen


    EAZY BREEZY4 חודשים לפני

    That burger probably would have shrunk a little when you cooked it. Probably no need to reshape

  58. Davin Pradipta

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    3:12 The lumpia maker in front of my school: PATHETIC

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    The subtle babish reference, godly

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    Burger looks Hella dry ngl

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