I made the WORLD's Best SALT by accident | Guga Foods

Salt is salt, or is it? Today I made 4 different types of salt to find out which one is best for steaks. Finishing salt gives an extra flavor on your steak which helps you improve the flavor. Today I test, smoked salt, truffle salt, bacon salt and coffee salt.
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  1. Pich Oun

    Pich Ounיום לפני

    Put lime with salt or lemon

  2. pizzastock111

    pizzastock1118 ימים לפני

    *4 part salt 1 part steak*

  3. Cain Halpin

    Cain Halpin11 ימים לפני

    For non Irish Gas is how we call something funny. Made me laugh hearing that 😂

  4. Canadianbutt 275

    Canadianbutt 27512 ימים לפני

    @Guga Foods Hey guga use a ricer to make your mashed potato


    PANZER TURTLE14 ימים לפני

    I like to use smoked and really flaky salt

  6. Poles

    Poles14 ימים לפני

    to smoke the salt oh yes

  7. Sebastian Art

    Sebastian Art14 ימים לפני

    what if you combine those salts*^*

  8. 1969Vanessa G

    1969Vanessa G15 ימים לפני

    You speak as if you have some interesting secrets. I like that.

  9. Ntate Khotso

    Ntate Khotso15 ימים לפני

    Compare a beef steak with an elk steak for your next video!

  10. What Are Those

    What Are Those15 ימים לפני

    Guga makes cooking steak an action movie and I love it

  11. Oleg

    Oleg19 ימים לפני

    Parents: don’t play with ur food Guga:haha potato go wheeee

  12. MrNewpatchtech

    MrNewpatchtech24 ימים לפני

    Try using an instant coffee

  13. Jacob Chung

    Jacob Chung24 ימים לפני

    Maomao knows, he knows

  14. Burt Macklin

    Burt Macklin25 ימים לפני

    Anyone else notice Guga sounds like a valley girl 00:23 "Let's dooo it" xD

  15. William Ruebsamen

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  16. Bourbon N. Pearls

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    I wonder if a cocoa salt would work...

  17. zDavid Buiz

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    When I heard world's best salt I thought he somehow extracted tears from the salty LoL players xD

  18. skillz17247

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    Chris and Angel: “That’s that GAS”. Guga: “What does that mean”? Me: These MF’s smoke weed. They know the lingo.

  19. Hafeez Rafi

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    Scp 008 has breached containment

  20. Jakarta Plane Spotter

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    Still not better than MSG

  21. NØ VΛ

    NØ VΛחודש לפני

    Dry age a steak in salt crust its traditional islandic way 😁 but u have to bury it in the ground too!

  22. Rachael Leighona

    Rachael Leighonaחודש לפני

    Can you dry age vegan meats? Maybe also wet age some steaks and other meats?

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    Chris didn't say coffee

  24. dva511

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    Would be nice to see a video one day of the behind the scenes and bloopers because I'm sure a lot of funny things go on behind camera with guga and angel.

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    Coffe is not commestibile dude

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    Oh they smoke that Zaza aka weed

  27. Mark Mendoza Hernandez

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    Ive made plenty of bacon salt and add it to all my dishes my vegan girlfriend cooks. Makes them amazing! Highly recommend bacon salt.

  28. jppexpat

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    Chad Sanbornחודש לפני

    Bacon Salt... Guga you have to start selling this stuff. Butter of the Gods, Coffee Salt, Bacon Salt.. I would buy it all.

  30. asian life

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    I made the worlds *saltiest xbox kid* by *accident*

  31. Seng Chang

    Seng Changחודש לפני

    Smoke salt would be the best to used on steak when you are cooking indoor on a frying pan. Getting a smoke flavor without using a grill

  32. godra051

    godra051חודש לפני

    Chris is Angels twin brother, only Guga dry aged him all this time!

  33. godra051

    godra051חודש לפני

    Black trufgle is something I never use when cooking with truffles. Try white instead. Like comparing chuck with ribeye.

  34. PokeTrainer 140

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    The way this guy says "Lets do it" makes me smile 🙂

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    Why does my pasta taste like bacon??!?!

  36. Und3tec7ed

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    *"Why I prefer to season my seasoning and not the meat."*

  37. yasir

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    I think the coffee salt would be perfect with a salted caramel brownie and a cup of coffee for sure

  38. your daddy

    your daddyחודש לפני

    I like how his nephew can actually point out the flavors

  39. David King

    David Kingחודש לפני

    Use carolina reaper salt. We used it on fresh lake trout and OH goodness, it was Beyond good!

  40. Drew Pyper

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    I mean, Guga gonna die super young but, what a time doing it!

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    I’m sure this was triple their recommended sodium intake.

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    7:55 savage hahah

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    Now take the smoked finishing salt and combine it with bacon. Oooooh yeah

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    subscribe just to see how many i can getחודש לפני

    Angio little passive agressive i said coffee lol

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    "So lets do et!"

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    I summoned the cow god by accident and this happened!

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    So we just not gunna tell guga the gas thing is a weed reference 😂

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    Guga is like these damn youngsters 🤣

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    Goga can you dry age salt...? :p

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    bro angel reminds me of sixnine

  51. Giancarlo Goes

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    Hey Guga! My whole family is from Brazil and I like showing my mom your videos haha. I like how you don't clickbait your videos

  52. Jesus Christ

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    So when your potatos are stringy theyre actually too mashed/whipped Ur steak is amazing though

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    Mix the four salts together.

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    Anything with bacon in it is awesome

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    8:32 he say the n word

  64. Liam Feil

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    I swear, smoked salt has to have chemical similarities to crack cuz damn it’s addicting

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    Chris seems to be more precise in his taste definition. While he is a bit low energy for the video, but I think it is a nice contrast to Angel bubbly personality.

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