Most EXPENSIVE Philly Cheesesteak on Earth | Guga Foods

I made the most EXPENSIVE Philly Cheesesteak in the world! After my previous video, you asked me to make the most expensive version of Philly cheesesteak so I went on a search to find out how I could make that happen. This lead me to Philadelphia where I tried the best of the best and also the most expensive steak sandwich there is. After my research was done I went to work on it and this is the result.
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  1. Nuky93

    Nuky9318 דקות לפני

    I also wanna do Philly Cheesestreak research 😭😭😭

  2. VSW

    VSWיום לפני

    Steak and Cheese Pie - NZ

  3. we know his voice

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    Trust in Jesus he died for your sins, believe the gospel. Repent!!! If you do sin confess your sins, ask him to help you overcome your sins he will. Obey Jesus, live by his teachings, be led by the Holy Spirit. The Lord is coming soon you must live by his teachings. The love of God is beyond our understanding.....

  4. CikosOnly

    CikosOnly3 ימים לפני

    I think that you are both wrong. You hungry ?? Just get a 1$ slice of new york style pizza. You wanna eat a king of sandwitches go for this A5. If you wanna eat something simmular but you don't feel like wagyu just go for a doner kebab. Kebabs are like 5$ for a sandwitch chesse stake like 14$ ?

  5. Reiner Marquez

    Reiner Marquez3 ימים לפני

    Can you be my Uncle haha

  6. Neil Gerbe

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    italian 5 grain bread! from publix!

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    the good old times when they didnt over react

  9. Khalil Williams

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  10. Dein Papa

    Dein Papa9 ימים לפני

    i need that recipe for the bread

  11. Capt. Tripps

    Capt. Tripps9 ימים לפני

    Come on. Teleport me one of those I’ll take th cheaper one lol

  12. Juan Carlos Montero

    Juan Carlos Montero10 ימים לפני

    Hi, can you please share the Media Noche bread recipe? Thanks a lot for your videos!

  13. Alec Richman

    Alec Richman11 ימים לפני

    Is anyone wondering where guga gets these steaks

  14. Aquiman Hero

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    That heart is screaming for a salad.

  15. Jasnehta Permala

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  17. Niklas PlayZ

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  18. ZenkaiClover Games

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    i live there 😎

  19. YZ 450F MONSTA

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    the 🍞 looks dry

  20. Kevin Rainey

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    God I love living in philly

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    m e a t d e a l e r

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    you know that beef is awesome when it looks like a candy cane

  23. Merdic

    Merdic22 ימים לפני

    What does he say at 3:50? all I hear is shodderclot wagyu but that's definitely not it

  24. Jaime S

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    watching this while I eat a salad, gonna make me act up

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    Epic meal time did it 1st

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    My arteries are clogging just watching this.

  27. scorpiomaj27

    scorpiomaj2724 ימים לפני

    The next logical conclusion to going to Philly for cheesesteaks is to go to Buffalo for wings. I can tell you, I've had the original buffalo wings at their founding location - they were delicious, but not any more delicious than you can find at a good non-franchises restaurant in Pittsburgh and probably other cities.

  28. Ohbwon3x

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    You're supposed to wrap the sandwiches to let everything combine

  32. blamthekaboom

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    who the hell pays $120 for a sandwich?

  33. Saeeb Mahfoud

    Saeeb Mahfoud26 ימים לפני

    can you please send me the the recipe of both bread to try them. Thank you very much!

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    i want one of this

  35. MrBrymstond

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    guga don't mess with viewers like that 😪 i wanna try it 😋

  37. Basse1709 :\

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    Guga!! You should try to fry something in a5 fat


    YOUSSEF MASHAAL29 ימים לפני

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  39. alex Rueda

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    Man I recognize publix 5 grain bread. Gugu no hate but I understand Publix do have some good subs

  40. Aierek

    Aierekחודש לפני

    No matter how expensive the meat cuts, it doesn't compare to a real philly bread and born cheese steak from a sweaty guy named Joe. Da chineese have sum called wok hay, da essence of da work pan, da air of it breathes life into da food yulo? Philly Cheesesteaks wok hay come from these Joe's Ayo wtf am I on about, it's 4 am and I'm a Swedish dude who's never even been west of Sweden.

  41. NoirCODM

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    I had a stroke trying to read this..

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    Looks a lot like a creampie

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    What is the mix for the truffle butter?

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    If you go to philly just go to a corner store that’s where you find the best cheese steaks

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    Steves prince of steaks is the best in Philly

  57. Aiden is Not cool

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    So the more fat on the steak is what determines the price I see

  58. Aiden is Not cool

    Aiden is Not coolחודש לפני

    Need something expensive add wagu

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    Love your channel.

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    V3LOCITY_QTחודש לפני

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    Pat's and Geno's are both for tourists.

  66. Dave

    Daveחודש לפני

    Hey guys , Guy from Philadelphia here PATS AND GENOS ARE NOT REAL PHILLY STEAKS ITS A TOURIST ATTRACTION DELLASANDROS is the only place to go hands down ! Thanks for coming to my ted talk .

  67. Aussie Chunda

    Aussie Chundaחודש לפני

    oh wow i never realised how pretty the architecture is in Philly. There a lot of old buildings like the hall at 0:40?

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    Nice Cheesesteak cooked using nice Hardware!!!

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