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I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful year, your support is what makes this channel happen. Thank you for being awesome and next year we will be coming out with more amazing videos for you.
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  1. Guga Foods

    Guga Foods10 חודשים לפני

    Thank you for your amazing support. 2020 will be FIRE 🔥🥩🔥

  2. SheLuvsSplxsh

    SheLuvsSplxsh7 ימים לפני

    this didn't age well😂 love you guga

  3. Crimson Holocene

    Crimson Holocene14 ימים לפני

    Yeah "2020 will be fire" did not age well

  4. Yin Chu

    Yin Chu2 חודשים לפני

    no 2020 isn't fire


    JUNIORFAKE3 חודשים לפני

    That didnt age well...

  6. Max Weber

    Max Weber3 חודשים לפני

    This comment dry aged like that Lamb you did 😂😂😂

  7. Crimson Holocene

    Crimson Holocene14 ימים לפני

    Angel looks like he can fit inside guga

  8. Bastiboii

    Bastiboiiחודש לפני

    You should cook the golden play button.

  9. Prokingsavege121

    Prokingsavege1212 חודשים לפני

    Who’s watching when he got 2 million subs

  10. Goodballa

    Goodballa3 חודשים לפני

    I'm finding that saying, "2020, Hold my beer." Seems to be almost universal.

  11. MrNotSoPerfect

    MrNotSoPerfect3 חודשים לפני

    Your food looks so good not even vegetarians and vegans watch and convert

  12. Ju Mariano

    Ju Mariano3 חודשים לפני

    I was looking for a brazilian youtuber speaking in portugues... So here you are! Congratulations for your channel!

  13. toma_fur

    toma_fur4 חודשים לפני

    what is angel's full name? i wanna follow him on insta

  14. Cisco

    Cisco4 חודשים לפני

    I’m half a year late but I just wanna day that you guys are simply just amazing. Production value is just as nice as tv shows. All your success is well deserved and I’m glad what you love has payed off.

  15. Vin C

    Vin C4 חודשים לפני

    You’re a king bro!!!

  16. perezg61

    perezg614 חודשים לפני


  17. G Man

    G Man5 חודשים לפני

    @Guga Foods do you cook steak from fridge or room temperature?

  18. David English

    David English5 חודשים לפני

    You are my spirit guide

  19. Heath Woodlee

    Heath Woodlee6 חודשים לפני

    Can we please go back? I don't want to 2020 anymore!

  20. Dr Malcolm

    Dr Malcolm6 חודשים לפני

    Best food channel, BY FAR!!!

  21. Justin Edrick Dakis

    Justin Edrick Dakis6 חודשים לפני

    I want to see angels crazy video guga

  22. Freddie B.

    Freddie B.6 חודשים לפני

    Love these videos!!

  23. Diana

    Diana6 חודשים לפני

    Guga, meu sonho é um dia comer no seu próprio restaurante!

  24. Chadwick Major

    Chadwick Major7 חודשים לפני

    Hey Guga what would happen if you take a dry aged ribeye and did it in an overnight marinade, could it take the flavor to a whole new level or would it be overkill?

  25. Atlas XQ

    Atlas XQ7 חודשים לפני

    Of only they knew what 2020 is going to be like. I'm ready for 2021

  26. Max Attack

    Max Attack7 חודשים לפני

    Release the videos

  27. Glorious MallCop Gaming

    Glorious MallCop Gaming7 חודשים לפני

    Guga was drankin

  28. Lachlan Still

    Lachlan Still8 חודשים לפני

    No, thank YOU!

  29. Simon Kiflom

    Simon Kiflom8 חודשים לפני

    you're welcome

  30. Da Jed

    Da Jed8 חודשים לפני

    Angel needs a good swift hard something up his backside... I bet it turns him into a gentleman.

  31. William Rutland

    William Rutland8 חודשים לפני

    Guga thank you for helping me impress my family and friends with your wonderful recipes.

  32. Javier Gil Palencia

    Javier Gil Palencia8 חודשים לפני

    For this next year we would like to see you teaching Angel how to cook well some steak or any recipe with another focus in your king of videos, i mean no all of them but its just an idea. By the way youuuu f**** ROCK GUGA¡ Greatings from Spain, Barcelona¡¡¡¡

  33. Albert Ling

    Albert Ling8 חודשים לפני

    Love his videos. I can see Guga from brazil. But is this production from hawaii? ho Brah

  34. Gabriel Brigido

    Gabriel Brigido8 חודשים לפני

    We want a special video in portuguese!!!

  35. Arkhalis

    Arkhalis8 חודשים לפני

    Man, this channel rules. I cannot fully describe how much I love this channel, but I do know that this next year will be just as good, or even better than the first

  36. Zachary Kingston

    Zachary Kingston8 חודשים לפני

    Have a great day! Jesus Loves you!

  37. Fernando Villanueva Rivera

    Fernando Villanueva Rivera8 חודשים לפני

    LETS DEW EHT shirts when ?

  38. Tran Duong

    Tran Duong8 חודשים לפני

    I mean his deep fry video got 3,5m views, give him some credit guga

  39. Aliff Firdaus

    Aliff Firdaus9 חודשים לפני

    They have the best uncle and nephew relationship in the world

  40. SongstaForLife

    SongstaForLife9 חודשים לפני

    Release the Angel Files.

  41. ʞɔǝuS ʞɔǝH ǝɥꓕ

    ʞɔǝuS ʞɔǝH ǝɥꓕ9 חודשים לפני

    Your belated welcome and thank you.

  42. Nick Monchgesang

    Nick Monchgesang9 חודשים לפני

    Man I love this channel, kinda feel like a part of the family watching these vids and the recipes omfg changed my life Thanks guys looking forward to 2020

  43. Emelina Bonilla

    Emelina Bonilla9 חודשים לפני

    Que guapo angel🤤

  44. Macajah Waldon

    Macajah Waldon9 חודשים לפני

    No thank you!

  45. Gabriel Salazar

    Gabriel Salazar4 חודשים לפני

    Sous vide is a no-skill way to cook

  46. Skunk

    Skunk9 חודשים לפני

    look at what you guys have achived. long time ago when the channel was called easyfoods.

  47. androtaz01

    androtaz019 חודשים לפני


  48. B.J.S Everywhere

    B.J.S Everywhere9 חודשים לפני

    I loved the Brazilian video!

  49. Evelins Elewel

    Evelins Elewel9 חודשים לפני

    Guga. Have you made a sausage video?

  50. YoshiBroccoli

    YoshiBroccoli9 חודשים לפני

    Dry aging youtube play button

  51. Ben Ben9 חודשים לפני

    Your Channel is awesome! I just found your Channel after grilling and eating a ribeye and I am drooling all over again! Even better, you are local! God bless and all of your success is well deserved!

  52. MsNomitu

    MsNomitu9 חודשים לפני

    Ran across your channel while I was looking for a hamburger bun recipe. I am so glad I did. The marinating one was very interesting. I think though you should have used baking soda and not baking powder ( never heard of using baking powder to marinate). Anyway I am a new subscriber and looking forward to more of your videos. BTW Congratulations on 1Mil subscribers!

  53. MrSullygr

    MrSullygr9 חודשים לפני

    You’re the best!

  54. phineas lausa

    phineas lausa9 חודשים לפני

    what is the IG of Angel??

  55. Angelica Alves

    Angelica Alves9 חודשים לפני

    Guga, do you sell Guga Foods shirts? My friend loves your channel and watches it religiously. I want to gift it to him for his birthday 🎂

  56. Garrett Slingerland

    Garrett Slingerland9 חודשים לפני

    You should make a playlist titled "angels crazy vault" of all his experiments

  57. Garrett Slingerland

    Garrett Slingerland9 חודשים לפני

    Melt that button down and sell it for some fancy steaks

  58. Happy Baals

    Happy Baals9 חודשים לפני

    Plz try Dale's Seasoning Sauce

  59. gamelover2222

    gamelover22229 חודשים לפני

    Fly your fans to eat your steak! You are making $$$. Do it, include me!

  60. Brenton Rawhoof

    Brenton Rawhoof9 חודשים לפני

    Angel should start a 3rd channel where he just makes crazy stuff haha! I would totally watch it because I love throwing together strange combinations!

  61. ChicknTendr

    ChicknTendr9 חודשים לפני

    2019 Guga: Now I know it don’t look that good right now 2020 Guga: But watch this *music slowly intensifies*

  62. bays19

    bays199 חודשים לפני

    Thank you Guga♡♡♡ Please cook italian sausages yummy♡

  63. er1038

    er10389 חודשים לפני

    Why am I just seeing this?! Cheers fellas. Can't wait to se what y'all will be doing in 2020!

  64. Brennan41712

    Brennan417129 חודשים לפני

    Made your korean bbq ribeye for NYE and had 4 people ask for the recipe so sent them to your channel! Thanks for the inspiration!

  65. tweed187187

    tweed1871879 חודשים לפני

    Where a Trump hat and YT will delete you're life and ban you.

  66. Brian

    Brian9 חודשים לפני

    I wanna see your take an opinions on Using season paste on steaks, knorr beef , better then bullion ect.... be curious to see if you approve being like the steak god you are.

  67. kibz2005

    kibz20059 חודשים לפני

    It’s because you guys are AWESOME! (And you make amazing food)

  68. kyle culver

    kyle culver9 חודשים לפני

    Love the videos bro, and Angel cracks me up. You’ve got me cooking steaks more often, and learning more and more. Much love from your brother a couple counties north (Palm Beach).

  69. Jesee Walker

    Jesee Walker9 חודשים לפני

    You guys deserve it. Amazing content!!

  70. Bob Congo

    Bob Congo9 חודשים לפני

    Nice, Ty.

  71. •pinkysweetgamingūvū• •-•

    •pinkysweetgamingūvū• •-•9 חודשים לפני

    Thank you so much for all legendary cooking! Keep it coming! Beautiful things to come in 2020! Life is awesome!

  72. Stevo

    Stevo9 חודשים לפני

    Keep it up!

  73. JD Dutra

    JD Dutra9 חודשים לפני

    Um abraçao Guga! Parabens!!!

  74. Lenzo8449

    Lenzo84499 חודשים לפני

    Best cooking show ever! Why you are not syndicated on national tv is beyond belief!

  75. Barni Yamum

    Barni Yamum9 חודשים לפני

    happy new year yo

  76. SINglesatan

    SINglesatan9 חודשים לפני

    do you ever ask yourself what those guys do with all their burnt coal?

  77. MoeDoe Wizzy

    MoeDoe Wizzy9 חודשים לפני

    Guga how would you cook wagyu Tri tip ?

  78. Faith, Food and Fitness

    Faith, Food and Fitness9 חודשים לפני

    Awesome year of videos, well done guys! Keep it up! You've inspired me to start my own channel!

  79. M D

    M D9 חודשים לפני


  80. bloodycrashboy

    bloodycrashboy9 חודשים לפני

    Your "smash Burgers" are now a regular meal at my house Thank you and congratulations on 1 million subscribers If I had to pic a favorite video for the year I couldn't, you guys are so good!!!!!!!!!

  81. Salimullah alam

    Salimullah alam9 חודשים לפני

    Hey guga. Try king soopers steak and Walmart steak comparison

  82. Trussing

    Trussing9 חודשים לפני

    Hey guga what is are the names of the music that you use in your videos I love it

  83. Yutack Kang

    Yutack Kang9 חודשים לפני

    Obrigado for your hard work and amazing food videos

  84. Beto Garza

    Beto Garza9 חודשים לפני

    Congratulations guga and angel, this is my favorite (coocking) ILmines channel, keep doing the videos these way, receive a hug from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico, and guga... did you study something related with the kitchen?, are you a chef?, or how did you end cooking that way?

  85. Todd Glime

    Todd Glime9 חודשים לפני

    Heart! Please cook heart!

  86. Agent 19D

    Agent 19D9 חודשים לפני

    I wonder if you made a steak, then blended it with butter into compound butter.. then cook it on a steak.. would it taste better than just a regular steak?

  87. Borges

    Borges9 חודשים לפני

    Any brazilians here watching guga????

  88. Yamen Haddad

    Yamen Haddad9 חודשים לפני

    Should make a golden steak for this achievement 👍👍👍 congratulations

  89. Swedish

    Swedish9 חודשים לפני

    Update boys. I bought a mini fridge and I’ve been dry aging a ribeye since the 2th December. I’m gonna dip it in butter / tallow the 1th February❤️

  90. qwertiedota

    qwertiedota9 חודשים לפני

    First video of 2021 *365 Days Dry Aged Plaque*

  91. Swabbe

    Swabbe9 חודשים לפני

    Yes, but what about... Wagyu Bolognese?

  92. ibanezaddict

    ibanezaddict9 חודשים לפני

    Release the angel experiments

  93. BeamierPoppy67

    BeamierPoppy679 חודשים לפני

    A spaghetti and meatballs video would be awesome

  94. TrueXorcerer

    TrueXorcerer9 חודשים לפני

    Kinda late but the food you make are *way* more attractive than any girl I've ever met, keep up the good work Guga! I hope your channel will keep growing from now on!

  95. Buttifye

    Buttifye9 חודשים לפני

    Deep fry a filet guga! Like so we can see it...LETS DO IT!!!

  96. franco perez

    franco perez9 חודשים לפני

    Hey guga can you do a reaction to kosmos bbq channel of cooking pichania it would be very cool he's a champion BBQ guy

  97. IPLAY4YOU Scarlet

    IPLAY4YOU Scarlet9 חודשים לפני

    Guga Please make a video on how hot you can cook a steak at my friend cooks steaks at 600 for about 4 minutes super fast.

  98. Lucas Camilo Guerra

    Lucas Camilo Guerra9 חודשים לפני


  99. Michael L

    Michael L9 חודשים לפני

    imagine what he is dry ageing right now

  100. Joshua Brzezinski

    Joshua Brzezinski9 חודשים לפני

    GUGA!!!!!!! Your the man!!’

  101. Bastion

    Bastion9 חודשים לפני

    Guga's family vs all you can eat Wagyu buffet at cattle ranch XD

  102. sidesw1pe

    sidesw1pe9 חודשים לפני

    Thank YOU! Your content is awesome!

  103. Mike Blehm

    Mike Blehm9 חודשים לפני

    HOW GOOD ARE “WALMART” STEAKS????????????????????


    ENIMA HEEP9 חודשים לפני

    Can't wait

  105. T H81

    T H819 חודשים לפני

    @guga my butcher suggested chuck eye steak because rib eye wasn’t on sale. Said it was almost as good. I tried it and I’d like to see what you think also. It was better than I thought 💭

  106. jay man

    jay man9 חודשים לפני

    No thank you for all the wonderful vids of BBQ and food pron. :) OAN, I've watched a few Porterhouse vids from you, but I don't recall you doing one on Bistecca alla Fiorentina with Chianina beef. Some say, if Wagu A5 is the king, Chianina is the queen of all beef. Regards