EASY Homemade PASTRAMI, Step by Step to Perfect DIY Pastrami!

Eating homemade pastrami is one of the best things you can do for a sandwich! For that reason Katz's Deli is known as the best of the best when it comes to pastrami! On This video I show you my take on this amazing meat which you much give it a try if you never had it. I recommend it 100% as it is so much better than store bought pastrami.
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I smoked it for 5hrs @ (250°F / 121°C)
Then wrapped in foil for another 5hrs @ (350°F / 176°C)
* Pickling Spice *
1 tbsp Coriander Seeds amzn.to/2XVBFhb
1 tbsp Black Peppercorns amzn.to/2UKCYO8
1 tbsp Mustard Seeds amzn.to/2UPpAZ0
1 tbsp Red Chile Flakes amzn.to/2GIE4Vx
1 tbsp Allspice Berries amzn.to/2XWzvOb
1 tbsp Whole Cloves amzn.to/2ZMG9Iy
1 tsp Ground Ginger amzn.to/2XU8Stf
1 tsp Ground Mace amzn.to/2XTfaJG
1 small Cinnamon Stick amzn.to/2V3HSdT
2 bay leaves amzn.to/2XSwOgD
1 Gallon Water
1 1/2 cup Kosher Salt amzn.to/2ZKfBbd
1 cup Granulated Sugar amzn.to/2GCm52Q
4 tsp Pink Curing Salt amzn.to/2Wear4O
10 Cloves Garlic, Crushed
Whole Pickling Spice Above
About 1 Gallon of Ice
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Brisket Weight: amzn.to/2GRWIM0
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Spatula: amzn.to/2IZn1kV
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  1. Guga Foods

    Guga Foodsשנה לפני

    Pastrami is naturally red because of the cure. Trust me, it is not raw...😂 It was cooked to 205°F/96°C. Now I would like to ask you why do you think the cure did not go all the way thru the brisket? What's your theory? Mine is because of the weights. Yours?

  2. Digital Gods

    Digital Gods2 חודשים לפני

    Try 'Jacarding' the meat to allow total penetration of the brine.

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    You should have flipped the brisket once everyday for even curing!

  5. Jerome Pelletier

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    You should try french canadian smoked meat, like pastrami but better!

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    Hey guda

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    i love how serious u make the videos while cooking hahah

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    I think I have to travel some thousand miles from Norway, to crash one of your BBQs. :D

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    Reubens are one of the nastiest sandwiches ever made.

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    I have a question Guga. Should you reach a certain internal temp on the brisket? Also, if I were to use a smaller brisket, does cooking time change?

  13. Nacres Heisenberg

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    WoW!!! o.O looks sooo great! my question.... is pastrami only to eat cold? do i have the choice to heated again as a warm dish?? thanks for your recipe!

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    I really have to make this beautiful piece of food. Thank you for sharing, it looks AMAZING!

  18. Bruno Tartaro

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    I love it! You conquer a supporter super fan bro! I'm from Brazil and I'm trying to Make my first pastrami, but here the brisket (peito, in portuguese) is a underestimated CUT of meat... Juniper flavour is treated as soap flavour because we don't use this in our kitchens... So embarassing... I'll try to make a honest pastrami for this first shot

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    Few things in the world as good as a Reuben. I recommend letting the thousand island and sauerkraut touch, something magic happens when you layer them on top of each other then melt the cheese on top!

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    another great one

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    Mr. Guga, Juniper berrys are an important ingredient in pastrami brine. I keep them on hand and it does not take very many. 10-14 depending on brisket size. Your brisket did not cure all the way. The average brine time is 10-14 days but a minimum of 10. Only the largest brisket can be brined 14 days without being too salty. If you brine a smaller one that long, you will have to make corned beef with it by boiling it for 15 minutes, dumping the water and then boiling it until tender. I have done many this way. I am not trying to be critical with no constructive input and hope my experience proves useful to you.

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  88. p14zm4

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    Googa can you make something out of dry aged beef triming?

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