Today I am making an irresistible sandwich and what we have here is the combination of Fluffy and Crispy. Nothing like a sweet Chinese style pork belly Bao Bun which is amazing for sure. This quickly became one of my top favorite sandwiches.
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I cooked it for 3hrs @ (425°F / 218°C) indirect heat
* Bao Bun Ingredients *
300g All Pourpose Flour amzn.to/2y3fyuw
20g Powder Milk amzn.to/2XXsKR0
4g Baking Powder amzn.to/2Y5aXSV
5g Instant Dry Yeast amzn.to/2Odlf3J
35g Granulated Sugar amzn.to/2XYyp96
35g Vegetable Oil amzn.to/2XYysli
200g Luke Warm Water
* Bao Bun Sauce *
1 Part Hoisin Sauce amzn.to/2XZB8iH
1/2 Part Honey amzn.to/2YbPSGl
1/16 Sesame Oil amzn.to/2XZYAfK
Pinch of Cayenne amzn.to/2Sx7yuZ
* Pickle Carrots and Dycon *
Carrots and Dycon Julienne Cut
1/2 Cup White Vinegar
1/2 Cup Water
2 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Salt
* Pork Belly Seasoning *
Garlic Paste
Guga's Rub
Salt and Pepper to Taste
* Pork Belly by Grand Western Steaks
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Filet Omega Knife amzn.to/2YjlyOk
Butcher's Twine amzn.to/2Y5L9pX
Weber 1/2 Moom Roasting Tray abcbarbecue.com/product/slow-n-sear-2-0/?afmc=1l
Thermometer: amzn.to/2ugI8XE
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    one thing to note if you dont have time for making buns is that asian grocery shops usually have bao buns in the frozen section, at least they do here in norway. It's pretty expensive though. Cost us around 8 dollars for a pack, and theres like 10 in the pack.

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  32. omar awesat

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    "Nice and large the way I like it" Steak sensei Guga 2019

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