Today we do something different! We get out of the house and go to an awesome adventure in the beautiful FL Keys to get some fresh lobsters to cook with an amazing Tomahawk Steak! This cook brought a smile to everyone that ate it and it was really amazing!
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Tomahawk Steak: Sear Steak first than cook indirect at (275°F/135°C) until internal temp is 135°F/57°C
Lobster: Cook indirect heat until internal temp is 140°F/60°C finish with 30 second sear.
IMPORTANT baste both with butter ever 5 minutes.
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8 tbsp Salted Butter
1 tbsp Minced Garlic
1 tsp sugar
1 tbsp Smoked Paprika
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  5. Matt Balcerzak

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    I cook alot but i rarely use paprika for some reason.... >:/ i gotta step my game up here.

  6. Jonathan Schouela

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    I want Angels job

  7. Torben Povlsen

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    i love your videos but this one is just animal cruelty..

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    how about dry aging with chicken stock?

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  16. Aaron

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  33. Paul Marsden Sr

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    Brother that looks really good. Stay safe and enjoy.

  34. Carillo

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    she said she didn’t have the upper body strength after she wrestled the thing

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  39. Josh Lasky

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    Ok I respect people who want to humanely treat animals as I love animals and are amazed by them everyday.. But, lobsters, like other shellfish, lack a complex central nervous system... there is 0 data through the many studies that show that they have any concept of pain like other animals with central nervous systems... the cutting it through the head thing, although with good intentions, does nothing but severe the nerves to the lobsters body and essentially paralysis sets in after that. It has no brain yall.... so doing this just stops it from moving around. The reason why it looks like it's in pain is because its nerves are telling it to react, but as far as "feeling" any suffering, there is nothing that shows this. Just like clams are eaten alive across the world

  40. sy pomsyda

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  42. Treven James

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    These are crayfish lobsters have claws like the emoji when you type (lobster) 🦞

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    Not dispatching the lobster is the same as boiling it alive. Same goes for crabs and any animal. Treat your food with respect.

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