I made this 1940's ICONIC Sandwich and it’s FIRE!

If you love cheese, meat, bread and amazing sandwich this video was made just for you. Making this iconic sandwich which was made in California in the 1940's is so awesome that I have a feeling you might make it at least once a week. It is easy, fast and most important.. it's FIRE!
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  1. Guga Foods

    Guga Foods3 חודשים לפני

    This sandwich is FIRE! 😎

  2. Diego Sobarzo

    Diego Sobarzo4 שעות לפני

    put it out

  3. Rachael Leighona

    Rachael Leighonaחודש לפני

    Can you dry age vegan meats? Maybe also wet age some steaks and other meats?

  4. LordKaiser003

    LordKaiser003חודש לפני

    That sauce looks so close to the Mayo Ketchup that Puerto Ricans use but with garlic powder to eat with surullos. (sticks made out of corn and wheat flours). Also with fried fish balls.

  5. T0tal_F00L

    T0tal_F00Lחודש לפני

    I don't think you'd want to eat fire tho..

  6. Landy Chapman

    Landy Chapman2 חודשים לפני

    Hey Guga, how many BOYS do you see with a full beard? No offense, isn't it time to refer to Angel as "Angel" or young ma?. PS I got the same problem with my nieces who aren't little girls or even girls now.

  7. Daron Medway

    Daron Medway3 שעות לפני

    This looks absolutely disgusting. I’m making one tomorrow.

  8. Hiba Joukhadar

    Hiba Joukhadar8 שעות לפני

    Looks great not hating but it looks like 7 heart attacks per bite

  9. Will Carter

    Will Carter20 שעות לפני

    Bruh. It's. A. Patty. Melt. Waffle house will make you one for 3 bucks my dude. Totally not a secret lol...

  10. Edric Monreal

    Edric Monreal22 שעות לפני

    wait...but is it halal?

  11. Joseph Haynes

    Joseph Haynesיום לפני

    Not even close to a patty melt 🤢🤮🤢

  12. Steven Bonovitch

    Steven Bonovitchיום לפני

    Made the indoor version it’s very tasty. However I did add some mushrooms and diced garlic to the onions you know just to perk things up. Nice very nice. Thanks for the Mayo tip Wow I would never have believed it. I will definitely use that from now on. Thank you for the video. Steve

  13. Ernest Wessels

    Ernest Wesselsיום לפני

    I've never had a patty melt on anything but rye bread. Rye is the way to go for authentic patty melt flavor.

  14. Paul Hughes

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    I gotta make this one !

  15. Bradley polezoes

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  16. TheMooCowReturns

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    But...why brown your bread with mayo instead of butter???

  17. Truckngirl

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    Sandwich GOD!

  18. Imperial Luke

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    sooo... a cheeseburger but you have no buns?

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    Is this just a patty melt?

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    Oh yeah, I remember hearing the mayo trick for the golden brown. I never really liked toasting with butter

  24. Frito

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    When you use American cheese for anything, get the Deluxe package (not the individually wrapped singles). Higher quality and better flavor.

  25. Unidielts

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    On the first patty melt, meat is prepared like the chopped cheese sammich meat. Great video as always.

  26. proxima p

    proxima p3 ימים לפני

    I made one today and damn it's good!! thank you!

  27. Heffy Tomad

    Heffy Tomad3 ימים לפני

    It's called a hamburger jackass

  28. Berry 0711

    Berry 07114 ימים לפני

    For the indoor version i would try to get out some of the ground beef grease

  29. Demarco Harrison

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    After watchin?.?.?.give a like and subscribeee😎...if u like.?.?.?.?.then share the video😎...if u got hungry watching the video?.?.?.?....suggest this recipie😎

  30. Model Citizen

    Model Citizen4 ימים לפני

    I make patty melts all the time. The kids and I love them. The trick is to get a great crust on the meat. So good

  31. Dolores Van Cartier

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    Too much mayo.

  32. Decode For sure

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    Dude if you made the bread with butter like shake shack. Your sandwich would be like a legendary sandwich

  33. Michelle Reed

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    That sand-wish looks delicious

  34. Venita Strong

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  35. Geoff Webster

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    Looks like a great greasy sandwich. What does 'it's FIRE' mean? Is that 1940's slang for really nice?

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    That's a tasty lookin' "sandwish".

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    Guga you should try and make a Wagyu A5 brisket and dry age it

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    Your videos always make me hungry!

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    6:20 young wolverine

  44. glenniz1

    glenniz115 ימים לפני

    My Father, who was born in Los Angeles 1921, introduced me to my first Patty Melt in 1965, this recipe is very true to the ones of that era and the ones I still make to this day.....only exception, is Rye Bread is a Must!!!

  45. windowclean100

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    You don’t play the bass by any chance do you

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    Isnt this just a patty melt?

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  51. no one

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    It's called patty melt, because it has hamburger patty in the middle, not chopped cheese. Looks delicious though. 👍

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    Why don't you put some cheese on it ?

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  55. Aldo

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    But it's not a burger patty! At least the outdoor one is. It should be served on toasted Rye bread with grilled onions, mustard and pickles! That's the classic way!

  56. Gina

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    Food porn.

  57. Heath Rouette

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    I can confirm this is amazing. Thx guga for sharing, U absolute legend

  58. Rodney~Łamar

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    The 2nd one is a patty melt idk what that 1st thing was

  59. Rachael Leighona

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    Can you dry age vegan meats? Maybe also wet age some steaks and other meats?

  60. Darth Anarch

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  64. Alina McPherson

    Alina McPhersonחודש לפני

    I did not know that this was from the 1940s. I make this regularly. Have been eating it since I was a little little kid. I now make it for my kids.

  65. malik7ic

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    He really thought I was finna watch him make the sandwich again just because it's outside lmao.

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    Guga! I've never had a "sand-wish" before.. ;) lol I'll have to give this a try. I've had the burger that is fried in 40yr old grease.. Good stuff. Whether butter or mayo, it's the fat that gives the browning effect. The flavor is very different, though.

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    I would recommend you melt swiss cheese, mix in trinatrium citrate, freeze it and slice it, it will now melt like american processed cheese but with the intense flavor of OG cheese

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    I'd like to give it a try but prolly wont. The amount of fat pushed outta those patties makes me feel sick; and the voice of that guy. Can understand when people get excited about stuff but it looks fake as F#. Even his son isn't excited about it; just going like yep dad but this ones better.

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    Did both versions of this and it was amazing.

  94. Can Crane Do It

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    You guys have to try making this! The ground meat version is so versatile too! ITS SO GOOD! Can be eaten in many ways outside the sandwich if you make enough for leftovers! I just made Patty Melt Eggrolls based off this, they are the best thing I have ever made!!!

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