I cooked this EXPENSIVE Wagyu Brisket and It's INSANE!

Today I got the change to cook the most expensive brisket I ever cooked in my life. This is a wagyu msb9 brisket basically the most amazing brisket I ever seen. I prepare it 3 ways to have an amazing brisket experience. Made burnt ends and also brisket sandwich and it was so awesome.
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    Do you let the meat settle after cooking? I never have the fat oozing out like this at an internal temp of 204

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    I just got a hold of 13 lb Blue Label Full Blood Wagyu Brisket, BMS score 9+ and I can't wait to try it. I know better than to attempt to cook this myself so I'm lucky to have a buddy who is a professional. I'll just supply all the bourbon and let him do his magic.

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  100. Erik C 'Piano Man'

    Erik C 'Piano Man'2 חודשים לפני

    Amazing. Now do a dry-aged wagyu A5 brisket.

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