Will PINEAPPLE Completely DISINTEGRATE a STEAK? | Guga Foods

Pineapple have enzymes that cut down proteins, they are called Bromelain. It is known that you can tenderize meat with this enzyme. Today I am pushing the limit to find out how much is too much. This experiment is for 4 steaks cut out of the same loin. They all have been exposed to the pineapple for 1hr, 6hrs, 16hrs and 24hrs. How much is too much?
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    * Here is the EXPLANATION Video! ilmines.info/camera/ddVimZdujGtqgJI/wyd-w.html

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    1 hour *max*... _Pinapples a steak for two hours later and loves it._



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  5. BenBRockN

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    I'm really interested in a repeat experiment for a Ribeye or Sirloin with Pineapple for: * 30 minutes * 45 minutes * 1 hour * 1.5 hours * 2 hours * 3 hours to find *the* best time for your pineapple method

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    Champion, 1 hr on chicken works fine. Always remove center of pineapple n toss. Think of what it's going to do to the insides of your stomach.... scary stuff. God bless

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    What if you dry age and do a 1hr pineapple?

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    This video was very insightful and very helpful for people that are inspired by this channel and want to start their BBQ game, but if you said at the beginning of this video that it's recommended to marinade in pineapple slush for 45 minutes only, i think that going from 1 hour marinade to 6 and the others you did was exaggerated steps, i would LOVE to see you remake this experiment, but do the following order of time marinading: 1h, 2h, 3h, and 4h. Please do consider doing it, i'm itching to know if i can always buy cheap stakes and do all these marinades and stuff to make them taste and feel like a high grade type.

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    ite so everyone wishing to be able to make good steaks i gotchu step one take steaks out the fridge 30 minutes before cooking h 2. heat pan on med-high with oil 3. season steaks generously wit salt and pepper 4. when pan starts smoking place steaks and lay away from u on the pan to prevent oil splashin 5. flip after one minute 6.add generous amount of unsalted butter, thyme and 3 cloves of garlic (this is what completely elevates the flavor ) 7. baste with spoon ( a lot ) 8. sear off sides especially if there is fat in the sides 9. keep turing every minute or so until steak feels tender yet bounces back when u touch (for mid-rare) 10. lets rest 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness and of your steak. 11. enjoy your restaurant quality steak i’m not a chef but i take cooking as an extreme hobby and i’ve spent the past year learning to master a perfect steak of any cut

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    Pineapple works a little like stomach enzymes, meaning the over-marinated steaks are partially digested. They taste like sh!t because they actually are sh!t.

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    I made tri tip kabobs with pineapple. "Never Again" the beef turned to paste. It's not a pleasant texture.

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    Suggesting for a follow up experiment as what Angel said: less than 1 hour. I have tried pineapple (including the skin) on 45 minutes and 30 minutes. Even with 30 minutes, the sandy or gritty aftertaste was also noticed. Also did notice when i seared in mayo it still couldnt do a good crust than one that was dry brined with salt. Maybe guga can do an experiment using pineapple for 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min.

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