1 Million Special: DRY AGE Most EXPENSIVE Steak on Earth | Guga Foods

1 Million is almost an unreal number for me to comprehend. All your support is awesome and I am extremely humbled by it. Cooking and experimenting is my passion and share that with 1 million+ people is amazing. Today I experiment with the world's most expensive meat, Japanese WAGYU A5! This is the Super Bowl of steaks, the best of the best.
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  1. Guga Foods

    Guga Foodsשנה לפני

    Thank you is not ENOUGH to express my gratitude. Your SUPPORT is what FUELS me and I am humbled by it! Love you guys and stay tune for more amazing videos to come.

  2. Kevin Josa

    Kevin Josaיום לפני

    Most expensive Steak in the world is the blonde D'Aquitaine Steak costs 3200 for one cut!

  3. Nameless 1

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  4. Eugoh

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    Damn how long did it take to hit a million? As of Oct 2, 2020 you’ve gained 1.15 million in 11 months.

  5. electronicguest

    electronicguest2 חודשים לפני

    Fat and fat again. I give nothing for this wagyu fat meat.

  6. s0und cs

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    congrats for the 2M!

  7. The Noonan Show

    The Noonan Showיום לפני

    You're dry aging that to long. You shouldn't go past 28 days. You're eating a rotten piece of meat.

  8. Summer winters

    Summer winters2 ימים לפני

    Go vegan

  9. parkmagic43

    parkmagic432 ימים לפני

    Is the pelicose edible?

  10. Serenity Plantation

    Serenity Plantation3 ימים לפני

    I want to be in ur family 😂. Damn u make me hungry

  11. Anton Morelos

    Anton Morelos4 ימים לפני

    it really is amazing isnt it GUGA

  12. Laura Malsch

    Laura Malsch4 ימים לפני

    I had the same colour-experience with a perfectly hung deer! It tasted like butter and was really delicious and juicy but I couldn't get it to a pink or red colour because it was brown to start with.

  13. Zach Owen

    Zach Owen5 ימים לפני

    here in the philippines, the cost of that wagyu steak is you just built a bungalow house lol

  14. Mendy Kahan

    Mendy Kahan5 ימים לפני

    What about making a video of dry aged wagyu a5 and then making beef jerky out of it?

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    How can I get a meat dealer

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    Guga you should cook some ostrich meat

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    12:48 Guga casually pointing a knife at Angel while eating more wagyu.

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    So let’s do it!

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    This could be classified as torcher.

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    Dude its 2 mil

  21. Oscar Jimenez

    Oscar Jimenez9 ימים לפני

    Hey Guga I really enjoy watching your videos! I have a question: What do you use to create your 2 zone fire on your grill? I believe it’s a komado??? I would really appreciate your answer! Great channel and great work.

  22. Simo Harjane

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    No thank u ! Like fresh steak

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    Guga, oh my God! Proud! Just proud! Bravo!!!!

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    Ultra rare steak

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    Guga your videos are so epic! love the both channels

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    And how it is when you take the dry age A5 Wagyu, and make it Sous Vide? Taste it better... Maybe

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    i read the title and thought the meat costed 1 million help-

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    Assistir isso é tortura pqp Deve estar tao gostoso essas carnes 😋

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    For you next video compare a elk sirloin with a beef sirloin!

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    Here's me, fantasizing about eating dry aged A5 wagyu. I don't think I am alone.

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    Have you tried butter dry aging A5 Wagyu? It would probably be useless.

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    Please do a Tequila dry age steak!! Anyone else wanting to see this, please vote up!

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    This video broke my heart

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    Jesus Christ is coming soon!! He loves you and wants a relationship with you!! Repent or perish!!

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    I am waiting for my 16 lb Rib eye roll A5 grade to be delivered. Now I want to dry age it. Damn you guys, now I have to wait another month to eat. :)

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    My man spends thousands on beef but he wants his family to get cancer like wat you need switch up that grill may look cool but that charcoals doin a lot more harm then good

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    When you realize he himself edits these vids as he makes the steaks

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    Ah yes by the the looks of it its 90% fats 10% meat

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    I always wonder whether its a joke or actual serious-ness

  44. Elliot Nyberg

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    no, its intermuscular fat. not the same thing

  45. GMeister1130

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    6:22 Extremely interesting. It's almost as if the dry age preserved the steak much more effectively than freezing it.

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    This is definition of food porn.

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    3:16 four of the finest models you will ever see.

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    This is how you make a man emotional. 😤

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    good taste but... from the looks, it's 50% fat or more, and 50% meat or less. Is that really worth it? I mean, if we are not talking about the flavor experience (I know it's the whole point).

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    9:35 Classic!

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    To make sure we're tasting the steak I dropped pepper all over it.

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    70% fat 30%beef

  56. Elliot Nyberg

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    Its intermuscular meat

  57. Longson Fullmetal

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    if you ever get some wagyu a5 again, no matter what you do with all that meat, also do one that is marinated with pineapple

  58. Daja Taylor

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    Came here to see this yummy steak and his yummy nephew 😂💀💀

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    Just turn that A5 to a A10 steak

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    thats like, 70$ bites at least right?

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    How about dry aging wagyu in wagyu?

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    Dude, it was not a good idea to watch this at 4.00 am with an empty stomach.

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