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  1. BolteBuilt

    BolteBuiltיום לפני

    Probably sweeter because of the extra love you put into it lol. Or maybe it was the bone soaking up some of the sweetness? Who knows.

  2. Flame zz

    Flame zz3 ימים לפני

    Guga said : i like the cut g

  3. Epic gamer

    Epic gamer9 ימים לפני

    Wow he gets the weirdest sponsors

  4. NØ VΛ

    NØ VΛ21 יום לפני

    Dry age a steak in salt crust its traditional islandic way 😁 but u have to bury it in the ground too!

  5. Scott Nagem

    Scott Nagem22 ימים לפני

    Can I borrow a knife!

  6. xgymratx

    xgymratx29 ימים לפני

    From all the videos you can tell angel and guga are close You know thats his favorite nephew

  7. Allan Adamson

    Allan Adamsonחודש לפני

    very nice

  8. Allan Adamson

    Allan Adamsonחודש לפני

    2:25 that's what I said hahaha

  9. Paul Raymund Chan

    Paul Raymund Chan2 חודשים לפני

    I think it is because of the process of deboning. When you removed the bone, you opened the entire meat down to it's core, making the brine to effectively penetrate into the meat. I think you should also try making slices bone deep into the meat before the brine. 🤔


    RAAHEM AZAM2 חודשים לפני

    Pig is unhealthy it can cause any disease

  11. Good name I have

    Good name I have2 חודשים לפני

    You can say that to any food on earth bro

  12. 9 words

    9 words3 חודשים לפני

    clove catch on fire xD

  13. Simon Min

    Simon Min3 חודשים לפני

    Guga. You need to make an episode where you cook for your viewers. I’m sure everyone would be willing to pay for an entrance fee to offset the cost and we can give a review. I’m getting fat just watching your episodes!!!

  14. Ben Roper

    Ben Roper3 חודשים לפני

    Love the background music.

  15. Cano

    Cano3 חודשים לפני

    One has more surface area than the other, the bone makes it have less surface area for the brine and smoke

  16. Mukesh Yadav

    Mukesh Yadav3 חודשים לפני

    who edit your videos guga?

  17. Frank Armilio

    Frank Armilio3 חודשים לפני

    Love the dramatic sound track

  18. Avocado

    Avocado3 חודשים לפני

    the calcium in the bone probably absorbed some of the juice

  19. Danny Osom

    Danny Osom3 חודשים לפני

    i dont like my pork pink

  20. Good name I have

    Good name I have2 חודשים לפני

    That pork is well done at 6:33 do you see the outside is pink and the inside is white? The pink part is the smoke ring when you smoke any type of meat there will be a smoke ring soo that isn’t pink pork lol

  21. Erik Salaj

    Erik Salaj3 חודשים לפני

    Where are my vegans??😋

  22. Daniel Mansour

    Daniel Mansour3 חודשים לפני

    At 5:45 to 5:46 u can see guga from the spoon

  23. RequiemPoete

    RequiemPoete3 חודשים לפני

    So is there any suggestions if we don't have access to a smoker?

  24. BlackRedDragon777

    BlackRedDragon7773 חודשים לפני

    GUGA this music brings me to meat gra la the heavenly place of all things meat

  25. Nacho_Muchacho 14

    Nacho_Muchacho 143 חודשים לפני

    U r making me so happy

  26. Jorge Morales

    Jorge Morales3 חודשים לפני


  27. C S

    C S4 חודשים לפני

    7:07 did he just roast your hairline? Savage.

  28. HMSBubbles

    HMSBubbles4 חודשים לפני

    I love this channel

  29. Shelly Daniels

    Shelly Daniels4 חודשים לפני

    Because you cut the meat open, the brine and glaze was probably able to permeate the meat more🤷🏾‍♀️

  30. Stephen Baker

    Stephen Baker4 חודשים לפני

    Can you mail me some of that ham, Guga?

  31. Ty Stan

    Ty Stan4 חודשים לפני

    Guga i love you! Just one little question? Where do you get a 5 dollar ham? 🤷🏾

  32. Tom Dalsin

    Tom Dalsin4 חודשים לפני

    He calls his audience smarter than him. He drops the fork but doesn't edit it out. He's always praising people like the NPB and the folks around him. Funny how Guga cooks like the MFing boss, producing top shelf food porn, but he's always humbling himself. He's no slave to personal vanity. Instant respect. All considered, Guga is legend.

  33. Larry McIntosh

    Larry McIntosh4 חודשים לפני

    Your like a genius... thanks for your videos

  34. Larry McIntosh

    Larry McIntosh4 חודשים לפני

    You have food network quality videos I’m surprised they haven’t offered you some kind of deal

  35. Super Hamster Gaming

    Super Hamster Gaming4 חודשים לפני

    I want to go to the Guga restaurant

  36. Jared

    Jared4 חודשים לפני

    Bro that’s literally raw gross

  37. Good name I have

    Good name I have2 חודשים לפני

    Jared at 6:33 do you see the outside is pink and the inside is white? That call a smoke ring it happen went you smoke meat cuz he smoke it for a long time the smoke ring I really big soo that pork is well done not raw lol

  38. R P

    R P4 חודשים לפני

    Dry age a whole ham if you haven’t done it yet

  39. TheMightyX

    TheMightyX4 חודשים לפני

    Bone in! Then you can make red beans and rice!

  40. eddison so

    eddison so4 חודשים לפני

    5:21 so this is why america has so many people that have diabetes

  41. DontFearUnity DividedWeFall

    DontFearUnity DividedWeFall4 חודשים לפני

    if i had to think of a reason why, i would say by cutting the bone out you expose a greater surface area on the inside, although you netted it, the brine likely pentrated more, the glaze likely slipped into the cracks internally, leading to more flavour throughout? that would be my best guess @GugaFoods

  42. Nopee

    Nopee5 חודשים לפני

    5:42 Guga's reflection : D

  43. dionisis_ tzr

    dionisis_ tzr5 חודשים לפני

    5:45 guga be like hello there

  44. JustCallMe Dee

    JustCallMe Dee5 חודשים לפני

    Fresco y mas took over winn-dixie. Only real miamians knows this.

  45. Time out with Jaquan

    Time out with Jaquan5 חודשים לפני

    “Little bit of brown sugar” A WHOLE POUND

  46. Tara Tiwadi

    Tara Tiwadi5 חודשים לפני

    Guga your voice is even better than you food

  47. eager cleaver

    eager cleaver5 חודשים לפני

    I think the boneless is sweeter because it's just a folded meat, so technically the meat is thinner so the brine penetrate more.

  48. The Bloody Doctor

    The Bloody Doctor5 חודשים לפני

    4:15 Lol why is he playing funeral music over him smoking the ham

  49. MyGAREDZ

    MyGAREDZ5 חודשים לפני

    is that gordon ramsey Recipe ?

  50. Gregor Samsa

    Gregor Samsa5 חודשים לפני

    2:39 "Remember to save that skin for a skin suit or lamp shades"

  51. Lemont Lee

    Lemont Lee5 חודשים לפני

    The juices distribute better when there's no bone.,,

  52. Jess Spile

    Jess Spile6 חודשים לפני

    No bone = you create more surface area (inside) for the brine to seep in and penetrate through.

  53. Michael Degner

    Michael Degner6 חודשים לפני

    The flavor difference is totally due to available surface area. You'll get a similar effect by stabbing holes into the bone-in ham with a thin blade knife.

  54. Antoine Michaels

    Antoine Michaels6 חודשים לפני

    a three minute rest, that's a short time to rest. it does look good though.

  55. Ralph Gabriel Delacruz

    Ralph Gabriel Delacruz6 חודשים לפני

    2 days marinating the pork much better..just in my mind

  56. The Spectrum

    The Spectrum6 חודשים לפני

    when you cut to remove the bone you are opening the ham up for brine and glaze penetration..... think broken cup, no matter how tight you try to tie it it will leak..... that leak in the muscle allows easier penetration thus a sweeter end product. Bone in has to try to work through the fiber , bone out finds the cracks and crevasses.

  57. Eat More Vegans - Carnivore BBQ

    Eat More Vegans - Carnivore BBQ6 חודשים לפני

    Great job, Guga. Now I have to go bone a ham and cook it. Thanks a lot for making extra work for me :-)

  58. Gavin Boyle

    Gavin Boyle6 חודשים לפני

    5:45 guga spoon

  59. J.Howard J

    J.Howard J6 חודשים לפני

    6:37 "Ahhh.. come ooon!"

  60. D3adly -

    D3adly -6 חודשים לפני

    You hurt me when you cut off the pernils skin 😭

  61. yunggod 369

    yunggod 3696 חודשים לפני

    The brain penetrated deeper cause the boneless is kinda laiered

  62. Hjärnan Masken

    Hjärnan Masken6 חודשים לפני

    If you remove the bone and then ball it up it will probably have a lot of inner channels for the marinade to go into.

  63. Jhonny ivan Pansaon

    Jhonny ivan Pansaon6 חודשים לפני

    Hey guga, have you tried CAVEMAN MEAT

  64. Luca Meschino

    Luca Meschino6 חודשים לפני

    Love the complete cleaning of the meat! Tendennts and all! Just like your heaven chicken drumsticks! Beautiful!!

  65. Jon Mitchell

    Jon Mitchell6 חודשים לפני

    The one is sweeter because you cut it and the juice go in there.

  66. CrackerJack

    CrackerJack6 חודשים לפני

    5:19 Guga: "Then I add in a _little_ bit of brown sugar..." Me: I see a heaping bowl full.... 1) I need to redo schooling, and 2) I need a bigger bowl ;)

  67. Ивелин Мaнолов

    Ивелин Мaнолов6 חודשים לפני

    Both looks realy delicious.

  68. Rocket Chips

    Rocket Chips6 חודשים לפני

    Im thinking the deboned is sweeter for 2 reasons 1 the brine would be to get into the core fo the rolled up meat for deeper penetration. though you would likely just see more flavor overall from the brine as well. 2 the deboned ham is smaller, so if you went 50 50 on the glaze etc the smaller ham is just going to have a higher glaze-to-meat ratio.

  69. Charlie Thatcher

    Charlie Thatcher6 חודשים לפני

    "So let's do it"

  70. Jay Kraft

    Jay Kraft7 חודשים לפני

    WTF?! "Latinos are pork's future"!! Well, thank God for Latinos keeping pork on the menu! 🤨🤨🤨

  71. FeathersOfFathers

    FeathersOfFathers7 חודשים לפני

    In denmark we eat it with the skin on, its srsly so goooood

  72. pola moussa

    pola moussa7 חודשים לפני

    No the Holidays is about the birth of our lord Jesus Christ You can stuff your face anytime of the year

  73. Billy Milbrand

    Billy Milbrand7 חודשים לפני

    I wish Guga was my uncle

  74. Duncan Bailey

    Duncan Bailey7 חודשים לפני

    Any alternatives to Bourbon I'm under age

  75. That Person

    That Person7 חודשים לפני

    5:20 was a "two shots of vodka" moment

  76. V.O.X Official

    V.O.X Official7 חודשים לפני

    Okay KOSHER SALT on Pork :)


    ΤНΞÐЛИЖмΞΜΞΓ17 חודשים לפני

    Duhhh just cut the ham and put 45$ inside.

  78. Danson G. Tolman

    Danson G. Tolman7 חודשים לפני

    Your reasoning about the penetration since you cut it open to takeout the bone. Both look really great! We have to try that soon, thanks for another great video.

  79. TEN

    TEN7 חודשים לפני

    "Then throw in a little bit of brown sugar..." :: Throws in a metric kilogram :: "... And with that your pork shoulder is done."

  80. Revenge Of X

    Revenge Of X7 חודשים לפני

    He says "let's do it" like a white girl

  81. Keith Mohney

    Keith Mohney7 חודשים לפני

    I think the difference is the meat net. It soaks up the glaze and increases the surface area of the meat leaving it sweeter.

  82. Cath Kamala

    Cath Kamala7 חודשים לפני

    HI GUGA 5:45

  83. FastZander101

    FastZander1017 חודשים לפני

    You can see his face on the spoon it's so shiny 5:43

  84. JB

    JB7 חודשים לפני

    You should always use Kosher salt on pork! I love it!

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    Sooooo, did anyone else expect to here "Yo Move!" During the smoking scene?

  88. J C

    J C7 חודשים לפני

    Guga, you need to move onto other dishes or your gonna peak and fizzle

  89. shawnda mccormick

    shawnda mccormick7 חודשים לפני

    This man is a treasure.

  90. Martin Guzman

    Martin Guzman7 חודשים לפני

    I'm subscribed and joined alot food channels but by far ur channels guba foods and souv everything is the best I love watchn ur videos and thinking about buy my self a souve machine to try all ur recipes and i love how actually show ur recipes and equipment you use helps alot thanks alot and cant wait for future videos ...so let's do it....

  91. Tee Tendo 64

    Tee Tendo 647 חודשים לפני

    5:43 you can see guga on the spoon

  92. Lapas I

    Lapas I7 חודשים לפני


  93. Fat Casual

    Fat Casual7 חודשים לפני

    You make a lot of videos where you work with pig skin, could you make a video of your own take on chicharrones?

  94. Robert Zeurunkl

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    Brine experiment. What if you went ten days for every two pounds? Like "Brine Aging?"

  95. Dave Regan

    Dave Regan7 חודשים לפני

    I think that brine penetration is part of the reason but I also think that the bone will conduct heat into the center of the ham cooking it from the inside. My guess is that this is why the boneless is so much more moist.

  96. sugawolf pimp

    sugawolf pimp7 חודשים לפני

    God that looks incredible

  97. Elad Gez

    Elad Gez7 חודשים לפני

    Hi guga, What happened is that the twine catched the glaze more effectively

  98. Jiggly McSugertits

    Jiggly McSugertits7 חודשים לפני

    Ham comes from the back legs not the front

  99. Gary Towne

    Gary Towne7 חודשים לפני

    When you roll the boneless you distribute the fat more and also get more penetration of the brine.

  100. trizzac is a nonce

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    1:45 wtf is that i think i turned vegan

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  102. M Plaskett

    M Plaskett7 חודשים לפני

    hi i like this great video. The flavors must be great other than not being completely cured (should be all pink on inside no off color ) I'm going to try this but leave it for an extra day or two. Made a subscriber of me with this one

  103. Mill O

    Mill O7 חודשים לפני


  104. M Plaskett

    M Plaskett7 חודשים לפני

    you see hat part of meat that's not pink at 6:32 that's not completely cured bro